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Vinegar as Natural Weed Killer For Vegetable Garden

Vinegar as Natural Weed Killer For Vegetable Garden, Vegetable Garden - Vinegar is probably the most famous way to kill weeds naturally. The surrounding ground pH may slightly decrease if you spill some, but research shows that it will return to normal within a week if you use an ordinary household vinegar strength. Regular white vinegar containing 5% acetic acid will be safe for plants. If you can get a stronger 15-20% food grade solution, this will work better and require fewer applications. Research has shown that vinegar with 20-30% acetic acid concentrate or more actually works differently. If the soil around the weeds is difficult to saturate with this strong vinegar, it will lower the soil pH to such a low level that 3, which stops ANYTHING growing.

Vinegar as Natural Weed Killer For Vegetable Garden

Microbes and soil biota will be safe and will fall asleep until the pH returns to normal over time, unless the chalk is added to speed it up. This hard vinegar seems to be left behind from the wine industry and should only be used with such hard weeds that are usually almost inaccessible and away from growing areas, such as blackberries, bamboo, ivy and so on. Acetic acid acts as a desiccant. It burns the leaves, removes moisture and destroys plant cell membranes. The leaves, stems and other crops that are targeted will soon die by just drying and floating. Handle it carefully and do not wear it in your eyes. Acetic acid concentration of more than 10% will also burn the skin, and is very harmful to the eye.


  1. Into a spray bottle or squirer, pour 1 liter of vinegar.
  2. Add a short spray (about ½-1 teaspoon) of natural liquid soap to help vinegar stick to the plant.
  3. To give extra duct, you can put 5 drops of herbicide essential oils such as oranges, cloves, thyme or cinnamon oil.
  4. Put on top of lid and shake well, then apply to weeds.

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