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How To Get Rid Of Pill Bugs In Vegetable Garden

How To Get Rid Of Pill Bugs In Vegetable Garden, Vegetable Garden Design Idea - Pill bugs and sow bugs are families of insects that live in moist soils and similar habitats. Most of them are detritivora or break up decomposing organic matter. However, they can be particular plant and fruit pests, especially strawberries and melons.

You will not be able to "get rid" of sow bugs as much and really contribute to a healthy soil. However, to get a negative effect on the fruits and vegetables in your garden, there are some tips below:

How To Get Rid Of Pill Bugs In Vegetable Garden

Use straws, plastics, cardboard, carpets, landscapes, or other types of mulch under strawberries, cantaloup, and other fruit and vegetables that like to sit or contact the ground as they mature. This mulch will create a barrier between the ground where live sow bugs and ripe fruit.

Reduce soil moisture when the fruit is ripe. Sow bugs need moist soil to survive, so they will not stay where the soil is not moist enough to support it. By reducing irrigation when fruits and vegetables are cooked, you can adjust the sow bugs appeal to the area. You do not want the drought - limit your plants, but keep the soil surface so it is not too moist.

Some insecticides, such as carbaskil (Sevin) and permethrin (many brands) are harmful to sow-bugs. However, adjust to maturity you do not want to apply insecticides too close to harvest. Check the applicable insecticidal labels on favorable garden crops for the time required between the application and harvesting of the crop (this is called the pre-harvest interval).

In addition to the way above, you can also catch birth control pills in the following ways:

Clean all dead leaves, splinters or decaying organic matter from surrounding vegetable crops in your garden. This is regularly to prevent bugs from being attracted to your garden. Excessive moisture also attracts insect pills, so try to avoid wetting the ground around your plants. Plastic, cardboard or cloth cover under your plants sometimes also serves as an insect barrier.

Dig a hole in various places in your garden near an active vegetable or fruit plant with shovel, large spoon or small hand shovel. Make the hole wide and enough for. Be careful not to cut or remove the roots of your current crop.

Wash and dry the empty tuna cans. Carefully tap the empty cans into prepared holes until each one matches the garden soil surface. Wear heavy gardening gloves when pressing the cans into the ground to protect the hands from open cans where the tin is open. Repeat the process until all the cans are already in the hole in the ground throughout the garden.

Pour enough beer to reach just below the top of each can. Pills Bugs in this area will be attracted to beer, falling into cans and sinking. When the beer evaporates or accumulates too much in the tin, empty them, replace them on the ground and refill them with more beer.

Create a non-beer alternative with a few tablespoons of cornmeal into a sealed plastic food storage container. Cut a small hole in the bottom of one side and place it in your garden near the young vegetable plant. Bug pills will be attracted to corn flour, climbed into the container and swallowed it. Ingestion problems cause dead insects. For a large garden, place some corn flour containers near the group of plants.

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