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How to Kill Grub Safely for Vegetable Garden

How to Kill Grub Safely for Vegetable Garden, Vegetable garden Design Idea - The grubs commonly found in vegetable gardens are the larvae of various beetles, such as scarabs, May, June or Japanese beetles. If you dig around the ground and find these 2 inch white pests, control them before making trouble. Although it seems small and harmless, it attacks your vegetable root and grows into a beetle that feeds on its leaves.

Some people are reluctant to use pesticides to control plant pests. That's because chemical pesticides sold in stores are not good for health and for the environment. There are several ways you can do to eradicate this grub from your vegetable garden. In this article we will discuss about Grub Killer Safe For Vegetable Garden.

The first way to eradicate grub safely is to use Bacillus Popilliae. Milk spore disease or Bacillus popilliae is a natural pathogen that only attacks the grub larvae and will kill the grub without harming you or your garden. This may take several years to become effective. While you wait for Milky's spores to be effective, try the predator nematodes.

In addition to natural pathogens, another way that can be done to eradicate grub is to use organic fertilizer in the fall and one time in late winter. Synthetic fertilizers tend to kill useful nematodes. The best fertilizer for vegetable crops is organic fertilizer derived from the rest of the leaves of leaf or animal manure.

Another way worth trying to eradicate the grub is by using birds. Install birdhouses in several strategic locations in your garden. It will provoke birds to stay and eat the maggots in your garden.
So here are some ways How to Kill Grub Safely for Vegetable Garden, hopefully this article useful for you.

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