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Using Natural Element for Rustic Garden Ideas

Using Natural Element for Rustic Garden Ideas, Garden Design Idea - One of stunning themes for garden is rustic. When talking about rustic, you will focus about pattern and general appearance. On garden, people hardly use metal because it is fragile for long time usage. In rustic garden ideas, you can take natural element to increase the aesthetic side of garden without losing its capability. Natural stones are much recommended for rustic themes. You can use single kind of natural stone that has the same color and pattern. Arrange stones as small track on garden or surround tree. Stones have function to cover soil from extensive rain. People can use them as stepping spot to walk from one side to others.

 Natural Element for Rustic Garden Ideas

You can apply rustic without wooden element. For decoration, make fence as perimeter to keep the certain plants from harmful. Another way is using wood to create shelves for vertical gardening type. Wood can be the main part or additional material in garden. One interesting idea is to create surrounding wall using wood and make beautiful gate to let people come and go. For this idea, you need extensive research and the expert help. If wood is too much for one garden, you can make balance decoration using bamboo. Both of them are the best friend in rustic garden ideas. You can use raw bamboo to replace certain part of wood. Another application is by putting furniture from bamboo. For this part, you will get more explanation in the last paragraph.

Water is the key element to bring real natural atmosphere into home garden. You can make artificial river or waterfall for aesthetic purpose. When visiting garden, people like to sit near to pond, waterfall, or river. Even though they are not naturally on that garden from beginning, people still appreciate water element as the essential matter for garden. Make pond or waterfall part, but not too flashy. Modern waterfall design is not suitable for rustic. Instead of improving atmosphere, this kind of waterfall will ruin garden composition.

The last part is furniture. Pick long bench to put on garden. The design is simple and it looks natural to blend with other elements. Another important factor is material. Bamboo and wood are common material in rustic theme. You have to consult with expert to get a comprehensive view about suitable outdoor furniture. In rustic garden ideas, everything should be in the right order and blend completely. No part of garden has more attention than the rest. Therefore, people will like your garden and it can be the best place to spend your time with friends and family.

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