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Things to Consider in Vegetable Gardening in Containers

Things to Consider in Vegetable Gardening in Containers, Vegetable Garden Design Idea - You probably want to grow your own veggies and yet you have limited space at home. You can consider about having vegetable gardening in containers that will deliver effective management without too much fuss or hassle. Not only this system will save you space and spot, it is also handy to give you flexibility and easiness in managing your plants. You can manage the same plants from the same variant or species together so maintenance and care can be achieved well.

The Right Spot

All plants need sun. But you need to pay attention to the right amount. Too much sun can be harmful, as well as too little sun. When you grow veggies in containers, you want to make sure that they get at least 6 hours of enough sun on a daily basis. In case your plants easily infected by diseases, exposing them to the direct sun will be helpful to make them to stay healthy and fresh. But then again, you need to consider the proper air circulation system.

If your climate is warm, you need to be a bit careful when you place your plants containers in a patio from cements. The surrounding conditions may be a bit warmer than you have expected for the optimum development and growth. If you want to have an efficient arrangement, it is better to put the larger ones on the cart so you can always move the containers around to get the right temperature and condition. 

The Containers

When you decide to start vegetable gardening in containers, you need to remember that you can choose whatever size of containers you want. However, it would be better if you can use an individual container for an individual variant. Once you have become an advanced gardener, you can choose a bigger container where it is possible to plant several variants (they come from the same species) altogether.

Even when you choose a container, make sure that it is spacious and big enough to accommodate the type of plant you want. Also choose the one with proper drainage holes. The latter is important if you want the excess water to escape effectively. Choosing a container with 12 inches of depth and 10 inches of width would be enough.
Vegetable Gardening in Containers

Vegetable Gardening in Containers

Vegetable Gardening in Containers

The Material

A clay container will need more watering because it has a natural porous characteristic. Dark container will also absorb more heat, which will lead to a warmer soil condition. Treated wood should be avoided in vegetable gardening in containers because there are chemical substances there. Your plants may absorb them.

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