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The Benefits of Raised Herb Garden

Lawn is the most essential parts of the outdoor areas of your house. You can use your lawn for various purposes. One of the best ways to use your lawn is for gardening. There are various types of garden that you can build on your lawn. You also can grow various plants on your garden as well. One of the most common types of garden that you can make in your lawn is raised garden. Raised garden can be used to grow various plants from vegetables, fruits, flowers, even to herbs. If you want to make raised herb garden, there are many things that you need to consider such as planning, the design of the garden, and the materials that you need for making the garden. Raised garden also can give some benefits that you might not get from other types of garden as well.

Raised Herb Garden

Weed Control and Pest Control

When you have a garden, weed and pest are two of the most common problems that you might have to deal with. You can deal with weed and pest by using pesticides and herbicides. However, using pesticides and herbicides can bring bad effects for the environment in the long term. If you want to control pest and weed in more effective and efficient way, making raised herb garden might be the best solution for you. Raised garden is planted above the ground and there are weed barriers between the soil on the garden and the existing ground. This garden box will prevent the weed to grow inside the garden. Besides good for weed control, raised garden is also great for pest control as well. If you make raised garden, you can use chicken wire and place it above or beneath the garden to protect the garden from critters and other animals that might damage your garden.

Better Soil and Portability

Other benefit that you can get if you choose raised garden is that you can have better soil on your garden so that your garden will grow in healthier way. If the ground on your lawn is not good for gardening, creating raised garden can be a perfect solution for you. Raised garden can be filled using soil with better quality. So you don’t need to be worried if the ground on your lawn is not suitable for gardening since you still can have your garden if you use raised garden. Raised garden is also known for its portability as well. If you want to move to a new house, you can move your raised herb garden easily without have to use too much effort.
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