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Succulent Garden Design and the Important Factor

Succulent Garden Design and the Important Factor, Garden Design Idea - People today are appealed to the idea of having succulent garden design that is stylish and yet doesn’t require a high maintenance effort. When you have a garden, you know that watering and garden maintenance can be pretty costly – not to mention also complicated and fussy. That’s why there is the low water and low maintenance trend for the garden, which is intended for ‘lazy and economical’ homeowners. The succulent garden design is quite flexible; it can be adjusted to your every need without compromising the stylish factor of the garden itself.

Succulent Garden Design and the Important Factor

The Important Factors

Succulent Garden Design and the Important Factor
Keep in mind that there are several important factors that you need to address before you continue with this plan. For instance, you should consider the soil. Although most succulents will survive in dry area with minimum water, you should have the soil drained well. Most succulents will do okay with 12 to 18 inches of depth (most of them have shallow roots, anyway). What if your soil is full of clay or compacted? You can always add up organic material – compost will be the best option.

You should also consider the space. Most succulents are okay when they are kept in a close distance between one another but each variant will have different requirements. Make sure you pay attention to such seemingly unimportant details. To achieve a stylish succulent garden design, you can always group them together to create a nice visual effect and result.

Don’t forget to consider the water element too. Yes, succulents will survive in the arid condition but they still need moisture to survive. Watering should be kept in the right manner; it shouldn’t be too little and yet it shouldn’t be too much either.  If it is too much, the plants can rot. Make sure to leave the soil dry after watering. If it is still damp or wet, don’t water it again.

The Common Designs

Succulent Garden Design and the Important Factor
There are some great examples for the succulent garden design. Walkways, for instance, is a great idea when you want to see your succulents from close. The addition of gravels and pebbles will definitely make the overall look stylish and attractive.

If you have different land contour or a sloping area, you can try the ledges and slopes. Succulents look good when they are placed on top of each other. Using granite slabs can definitely help. If you have water source or spring (small fish pond, a small pond, etc), you can arrange your succulents nearby. The water feature style will definitely create a refreshing oasis in your garden.

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