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Options of Easy to Grow Vegetables

Gardening can give people with various kinds of advantage. Of course it will be super easy for making the neighbors jealous with the great garden. However, starting gardening can be very challenging thing to so.  People should start easy and of course as beginner gardeners and it means that they also should choose the easiest plants to start their garden. There can be various options of plant which can be chosen for creating great garden but vegetables must be the easiest option. In this circumstance, people still need to consider easy to grow vegetables for starting their garden. Here are some options.

Options of Easy to Grow Vegetables

Vegetables for Salad

Everyone loves to include salad in their daily menu and salad becomes kind of food which is very easy to make. It seems like people just need to mix the vegetables and put the dressing. The fresh vegetables will be great option and it will be better if they can use the vegetables from their garden for making fresh salad. It sounds like big matter for planting the vegetables for salad in their garden but there are some vegetables for salad which are considered as easy to grow vegetables. Of course lettuce will be included in the list. It is able to grow very quickly and of course people will not find difficulty for harvesting it. There is no need to prepare large space for planting lettuce. People can just plant it in the containers along with flowers and other taller plants and they still can get great harvesting time. The next option which can be chosen is tomato. It is one of the most popular choices of vegetable which people will grow in their garden after all. It can be planted anywhere from the hanging basket to the raised bed. The smaller tomatoes varieties such as cherry tomatoes are recommended for the beginners. It can grow easily but people must not forget to provide the support of stake or cage.

Root Vegetables

People can also choose the root vegetables as the vegetables which are easy to grow so it will be perfect choice for beginners in gardening. Radish, turnip, and carrot can be the choice. Those root vegetables can be planted early in the spring and there is not much to do until fall when the vegetables can be harvested. As the plants grow, people are also able to harvest the top of the plants. There are still other easy to grow vegetables which can be found including cucumber, zucchini, and green beans.

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