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Important Parts in Perennial Garden Ideas

Important Parts in Perennial Garden Ideas, Garden Design Idea - Many people assume that perennial garden does not need reshaping and maintenance for long period. It is completely wrong because perennial garden ideas are not about evergreen plant or flower. In this garden, everything change from time to time and it follows weather as well as season condition. Before exploring more about perennial, you should know basic concept of this theme. This kind of garden is easy and simple to create in any garden concept. You just need to allocate certain spot on garden then plant several flowers. Use stones as barrier between perennial and others parts. Originally, people enjoy this garden from one side view.

Important Parts in Perennial Garden Ideas

To apply perennial garden ideas, you need consider the flowers and their arrangement. Basically, this garden uses low flower that has smooth root on the ground. When this plant die, the stem and leave will disintegrate then emerge into soil. It is not high plant with strong root and many branches. Perennial flower height is up to one meter. Moreover, classic perennial is one side view, so you should put shorter flower on front then the highest ones on the back. This combination lets people enjoy whole flower completely without miss anything. New arrangement of this kind of garden incorporates multiple views. As long as the flowers are planted in one spot, people can enjoy the view.

The important thing in perennial garden is about maintenance. Planting is easy and it can be done in no time. However, the maintenance is not as simple as it looks. You need proper knowledge about flowers and gardening. Maintenance starts when you decide to make this kind of garden. Choose the right spot of garden then use fertilizer to enhance the soil. When the spot is ready, you need to make barrier around garden to isolate it from other parts of garden. After the plant grows, you should maintenance the composition of flowers. Front side consists of short plants or flower. You have to keep in that way and go the same in backside. For beginner, try simple composition and plant the common flowers.

Garden is not just soil, flower and plant. You need additional stuffs such as stones, wood, bamboo, etc. These things have many functions and assist you to bring the utmost beauty from garden.  For perimeter, use natural stone that can be removed easily to match the garden shape. It is a part of decoration to focus eyesight on the garden. Perimeter on perennial garden ideas is not the fence, so keep it as low as possible. It is like marking or line around garden to separate it from others.

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