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How to Make a Raised Vegetable Garden in Applicable Steps

How to Make a Raised Vegetable Garden in Applicable Steps, Vegetable Garden Design Idea - Gardening has always been the popular hobby for few people, aren’t you? If it said so, you are lucky enough since this article will explain how to make a raised vegetable garden in 10 very applicable steps. Why should try this method? This kind of farming offers better drainage, protects the plants from infections or pests, and gives the easy way to crop. This method is just perfect but simple farming tips which will change your yard into the dreamy farm. Are you ready to have your own farm? Follow these steps and start to plan.

Raised Vegetable Garden in Applicable Steps

You will need 16 inches four pieces wood as corner posts, two pieces wood of the size 4 foot as bed ends, eight pieces wood of the size 8 foot, screws, six tubes of pipes, tube straps, bird netting, planting soil, and compost as materials. In addition, you also need drill, pencil, ruler, shovel, gloves, gun, cutter, and many possible tools. Make sure that all the material and tool are completely ready before you start to do your task.

If everything is ready, you can start by building the frame. Make a rectangular frame bed using prepared woods and make sure that the angle is correct. In the steps of how to make a raised vegetable garden, you will not need snail since you use the screws. Make drill to attach each part of the wood bars. Now, you have vegetable bed completed by four foot boards on the corner of the frame. Attach three pipes on each length side to place the net in the end of process. It is time for you to locate it on the place which is easier for it to get the direct sunshine and water as well as protected from frost and bird. If you get the perfect position, sink all the foot boards into the ground.

The next step is by preventing burrowing pets by adding the layer of cloth before pouring the planting soil. If the previous step is done, add enough soil along with compost with the ratio of 50:50. As the irrigation system, you can use manual watering system since it is more economical. Now, it is time for you to plant your favorite vegetables by using glove to prevent your hands from dirt. To keep your vegetables from pests and birds, attach the net over the bed and place it on the available pipes. That is all about how to make a raised vegetable garden. It is very simple and applicable to try, is not it?

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