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Garden Bench Ideas to Improve Garden's Performance

Garden Bench Ideas to Improve Garden's Performance, Garden Design Idea - Bench at garden not only improve the functionality, but also aesthetic view. There are many garden bench ideas to apply on your home. Most of them are classic long mode from wood, but you can see the difference in one to others. The first idea in this article is by modifying long bench and adding the additional part. You can add hand rest on the edge of bench. Since it is made of wood, people can add ornament or pattern on bench. Carved object on wood will provide elegant and stunning appearance. You can put more than one bench in garden.

Garden Bench Ideas

Classic long bench is the basis of second modification in garden bench ideas. Bench with no backrest will be suitable for garden that has more space. People do not have to sit it at one side. They can see the view from garden thoroughly. If you want to invite friends from party, then this kind of bench gives the easy moment. They can sit and enjoy the view. Sitting at the same position for long time is uncomfortable, especially for person who is very active. No backrest at bench means less formality. The advantage of this bench is that it is suitable to be placed in any spot of garden. It does not have to be on the edge or corner. You can put two benches together to provide more spaces. This bench is flexible to suit the garden theme and composition.

For specifically bench in the corner, you can rely on L-shaped design. This kind of furniture is like sofa for living room, but it intends for outdoor. One side can handle two persons and the rest is one. Material for this bench should make people enjoy sitting. You can pick curve or hard-line mode based on the garden theme. Contemporary gardens usually have the curve bench which looks between C and L. On contrary, traditional garden with many old plants is good for hard-line type of bench which resembles the letter L. Another customization for L-shaped is the balance between one side and other. It helps to give proper performance for garden and let people sit equally in number.

Before applying ideas on your garden, there are some tips for preliminary stage. Cut and clean area where bench will be placed. Too much plant or flower around the bench will disturb the garden composition. Moreover, people will feel uncomfortable when sitting there for long time. Try to avoid bench from metal if it is possible. Metal has risk to be easily rusted, so wood is better. Furthermore, garden bench ideas create the ultimate performance to keep people enjoy the view.

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