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Easy Garden Ideas using Potted Plant

Easy Garden Ideas using Potted Plant, Vegetable Garden Design Idea - Planting several types of garden plants on your backyard might be a difficult task to do, especially if you do not have spacious backyard. One of the easy garden ideas that you can use to deal with this problem is using potted plant. Planting your favorite garden plant in a pot has plenty of advantages. One of those advantages is related to its portability. If you feel bored with its layout, you can move the potted plant in other spot of your backyard. This article will give you several tips that you can use to create pleasant garden layout with potted plant.

Easy Garden Ideas using Potted Plant

Since you are going to use potted plant on your garden, you need to consider material used for the pot. Generally, there are three types of material that can be used for pot. The first material is wood. It can be crafted into wickers pot for your plant. Generally, it is only used for bigger plant. Second material is clay. Clay pot is popular for terracotta garden theme. Terracotta garden also incorporates pots that are made out of concrete or stone material. The last material is plastic. This pot material might not be as fancy as previous materials, but it is suitable for small plants. Small plants with plastic pot are also recommended for patio, balcony, or interior decoration.

You can easily decide the layout and design of your cactus easy garden ideas by determining the size of the pot that you are going to use. It is interesting that small detail such as pot size is able to bring huge effect on your entire garden design. It does not necessarily need to have similar size and design. Similar design pot will make your garden layout looks repetitive and tends to be boring.

Alternatively, you can use pots with different type of material, design, and size.
After discussing about the pot, you will also need to consider type of plant you want for the garden. Make sure that both garden and pot has balance proportion. Using smaller plant on bigger pot will make you waste precious space of your backyard. Meanwhile, using bigger plant on smaller pot will not make the plant grow healthy. Additional feature such as platform might be needed for small potted plant. This platform will not only elevate the position of your potted plant, but also display your potted plant collection nicely. When placed in perfect position potted plant platform will be able to make your easy garden ideas more attractive.

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