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Different Ideas and Plans for Raised Garden Beds

Different Ideas and Plans for Raised Garden Beds, Garden Design Idea - If you have a limited garden or area for planting your favorite greeneries, having plans for raised garden beds can really help. After all, the raised garden style can be a perfect option to organize the garden and also your planting areas. The great thing about this design is that you can have a more convenient and easier way to maintain and manage your plants. It will also reduce the possibility of pest issues or soil quality. The raised bed is also good to eliminate the importance to weed, saving you energy and time. After all, such design is great to grow ornamental plants, veggies, and also herbs.

Different Ideas and Plans for Raised Garden Beds

Different Ideas and Plans for Raised Garden Beds

Different Ideas and Plans for Raised Garden Beds

The Great DIY Ideas

If you have an old dresser, why not turning it into a stylish and handy garden bed? Do you know that you can turn it into a vertical tiered garden, just like that? You only need to use the drawers, place potted greeneries inside the drawers, and you are good to go! You can also line the inside part of the drawers with the landscape fabric and then fill the drawers with soil. It would be best to use solid wood dresser – not the particle board dresser. The latter isn’t doing well with elements and it doesn’t come with a very solid or sturdy construction.

The standard raised bed can be made with the classic style of cedar bed. The bed should come in 4 feet x 8 feet dimension so you can always have easy access to the middle area from any side that you want. Cedar is resistant to rot. If you have a proper care and maintenance, this type of bed will definitely last long. This is one of the plans for raised garden beds that remain classic and used by a lot of people.

If you have plastic bins and a wooden frame (looks like a frame of a table), you can always make yourself a self-watering table. Inside the plastic bins, you can place PVC pipes. Simply fill the bins with soil and you should be good to go. Another great thing about this design is the fact that it is accessible and it removes pest issues.

If you have an unused pallet, you can have a vertical pallet. Use a landscape fabric to line the inside part, fill the inside part with soil, and plant anything you want. You don’t have to hang it on the wall; leaning it will do. The sections will provide natural barrier for you to have different kinds of plants. Such a great plans for raised garden beds, don’t you think?

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