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Desert Garden Ideas and How to Come with the Modern Arrangement

Desert Garden Ideas and How to Come with the Modern Arrangement Garden Design Idea - There is a new trend in garden and landscaping, called as the desert garden. As the name suggests, the design is imitating the way the desert exists and stays. It is imitating the dry and barren layout and look without actually making your garden totally dry out. There are some of the important elements for this design: the minimized green leafy plants, the maximal usage of cacti, the small gravels and pebbles, and the usage of water source to replicate the water spring. Is planning desert garden ideas difficult? Not if you know what kind of elements to include in the design.

Desert Garden Ideas

Desert Garden Ideas

Desert Garden Ideas

About the Desert Garden Appearance and Look

Although a desert garden is about maximizing the usage of dry elements, such as sands, pebbles, or gravels, it doesn’t mean that you should make your garden go completely barren. Yes, the whole concept from desert garden ideas is about delivering a barren and dry setting but it doesn’t mean that you should turn your garden into a wasteland. If you are able to plan a careful and smart arrangement, you should be able to make a stylish and beautiful desert theme.

The Modern Desert Look

A desert look can be chic and stylish, as long as you include the right elements. You can have a hanging seat with the macramé chair, have potted cacti or palms, and also have tiled outdoor shower. Minimize the usage of green and lush plants or flowers. Having succulents or cacti in pots will be enough. It will deliver the green effect and yet it still has the barren and dry effect. The outdoor shower is good to include the water element so the overall setting is dry and desert-like and yet it is still stylish and fresh.

Lush Effect Inclusion

When you want to add a little bit of natural lush into the setting, don’t forget to include bright, light, and appealing color such as blue or green. Paint the wall with the color and then add the potted plants in front of it. It will create an amazing effect without you having to deal with the fussy and complicated arrangement. You don’t have to add patterns on the wall; the bright color will do.

Add a Platform

To avoid the plain and boring outcome, consider adding platforms and have colored tiles. It will create a visual appeal that won’t make your eyes bored or tired from looking at the whole setting. Incorporating these desert garden ideas isn’t difficult at all, is it?

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