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Container Vegetable Garden Ideas to Apply at Home

Container Vegetable Garden Ideas to Apply at Home, Vegetable Garden Design Idea - To plant vegetables, farmers do two methods. They will plant directly on ground then create row-like design or just use pot or container. For this reason, you may consider container vegetable garden ideas to provide more than just suitable place for your plants. The first idea struck in mind is surely classic pot from plastic and clay. Plastic container is easy to find at store in many sizes. You can try the small one to make a pot for one vegetable. Bigger containers can keep two or three vegetables at the same time. Both of them depend on vegetable height and width.

Container Vegetable Garden Ideas to Apply at Home

Moreover, the classic pot is enough for experienced gardeners. They have unique design as container vegetable garden ideas. One of them is big wooden box with partition. It is like turn down bookshelves on the ground. You will see partition in the same size and shape. This kind of container is good to create group of one species of vegetable at the same place. The advantage of this model of container is easy in maintaining and monitoring. You do not need to check one by one as separated pot, but just see around box from four sides. Moreover, using integrated container can isolate vegetable from bacteria or illness.

Nowadays, people find difficulty to enough space for gardening. In big city, backyard is something exclusive and expensive. For one square meter of land, you will spend much money. To overcome such situation, hanging container is suitable for garden fan. Using strong to hang pot is different from putting the pot on shelves. This section focuses on completely hanging object. Before applying this idea, you need to select proper pot and vegetables. In addition, the container is small and lightweight. When you put the soil, the weight is still in tolerance level. Use cable tie or copper wire because they are very strong to hold many things. The important matter is arrangement of container. Use long horizontal stand as the main place to hang your pot.

The last idea is vertical mode or people call it as shelves gardening. This kind of garden is answer for limited space in the city. It goes side by side with hanging type. In vertical garden, you need shelves in two to four levels as the place for container. Arrange pot equally to give the remarkable view. One level should be one species of vegetable. Make sure you can reach top of shelves for further treatment. As part of container vegetable garden ideas, vertical garden can expand into more than just hobby.

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