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Attractive and Impressive Raised Vegetable Garden Ideas

Attractive and Impressive Raised Vegetable Garden Ideas, Vegetable Garden Design Idea - Having garden full of vegetables and fruits is like having a small farm at home. There are several raised vegetable garden ideas to enhance not only functionality, but also the aesthetic. When planting the vegetables on garden, you should follow some rule based on the agricultural methods. Certain plants require specific treatment and position on the garden. Therefore, basic knowledge in gardening is important, so you need to gather information from the reliable sources. For ideas, some of them might need adjustment regarding garden size and soil condition. Keep in mind that vegetables will be harvested for particular time. So, feel free to change the design and structure based on the season to match with vegetables character.

Raised Vegetable Garden Ideas

The first design in raised vegetable garden ideas is classic cage. You can allocate space on garden depend on your necessity. This design uses fence as perimeter to keep vegetables grows inside the cage. It is like horse ranch or deer cage where people keep the open type perimeter. Moreover, the fence height may lower that standard one for giving enough view to see inside the cage. For this reason, your vegetable should be the low type plant and the height is no more than fifty centimeters. In addition, perimeter shape is varying depends on your preference. The classic cage comes in square. The others choices are circle, triangle, pentagon, or hexagon. All of them are applicable and can improve the aesthetic side of the garden. Don't forget to add the door to let people go in and out as well as the part of vegetable treatment.

If you garden is surrounded by wall, vertical mode suits perfectly for such condition. In vertical design for raised vegetables, you need shelves that bind on the wall. There are three to four layers on each shelves to place the vegetables. Having more than four levels will affect the vegetable growth. Make sure each of shelves receive enough sunlight as the main material to raise the plant. Most importantly, you can reach vegetables and plants one by one. Use moveable stair to assist gardening in this design. Furthermore, vertical design might be applied in wider garden. It will like sitting placement on bus where you use column and row to keep the vegetables organized.

As you know, the center spot mode for vegetable on garden is slightly similar to classic cage. However, center design will place vegetable exactly on the center of garden. You do not need to create perimeter to keep this area.  As part of raised vegetable garden ideas, main purpose is to let vegetables get equally sunlight. You can make variation in pots arrangement. For center model, vegetables are the low type plant and they can be harvested in less than six month.

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