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5 Raised Bed Gardening Tips

Do you like gardening? You may be so familiar with raised bed gardening. But for some people, they don’t really know about it and need some information about raised bed gardening tips. So, let’s we learn more about it by reading the information below.

What is Raised Bed?

Raised Bed Gardening Tips

Raised Bed Gardening Tips

Raised Bed Gardening Tips

Raised beds can become the best choice for you who don’t have large space for gardening. By having raised beds, you will plant many flowers, herbs, or other plants in certain space. It will make you so easy to take care of your plant. For you who are interested in making raised bed, read the raised bed gardening tips below.

Raised Bed Gardening Tips

When you want to have raised bed, here the steps you can follow:
1.    Considering the Area
Determine the place or spot where you will build raised bed. The size of area depends on your garden. You can make large or small raised bed, as your will.
2.    Considering the Materials
There are so many materials for building raised bed. Some materials you can use are wooden frame, concrete block, and bricks. You can use the material that matches with your budget.
3.    Considering the Height
Other purpose of raised beds is for making you easy to water or maintain your plant. For some people who are old and can’t bow well, the height of raised bed will be so helpful. If the height matches with the people’s need, so the people will be so easy to maintain their plant without high effort.
4.    Considering the Filling
When the frames have been built, the next step you have to do is filling the raised bed by using soil. Not only soil, you have to add nutrition to make your plants grow well. So, you can add 1/3 compost for micronutrients, 1/3 vermiculate to add moisture, and 1/3 peat moss to add lightness to heavy composts. The combination will make your plants grow so well.
5.    Considering the Plants
The last step is planting your garden. You can plant vegetables you like, or other plants that you want to plant in raised bed. You can also add flower to avoid the attack of insects. Don’t forget to water your plant, and then your plant will grow so well in your raised bed.

Those are the information about raised bed gardening tips. So, have you decided to make raised beds? You can follow the tips above to get useful raised beds. Hopefully the tips above will be helpful for you.

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