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3 Unique Small Rock Garden Ideas

3 Unique Small Rock Garden Ideas, Garden Design Idea - If you have a small garden, small rock garden may become a beautiful style you can use for designing your garden. There are so many styles can be chosen to make your garden become so beautiful and good looking. But, small rock garden is the best choice for you because it just requires little maintenance, so you can take care of it well. Do you want to know some small rock garden ideas? Read the information below.

Small Rock Garden Shapes

There are so many shapes or models of small rock garden. For example, you can mix rocks and plants and just let the plants grow naturally between the rocks. Or, you can also build the river rocks, and plan the flower sor other type of plants in the side of river rocks. You can also use rock as the border for flowers and plants in your garden. The border may consist of double or triple lines of rocks; it depends on your will.

Unique Small Rock Garden Ideas

Unique Small Rock Garden Ideas

Unique Small Rock Garden Ideas

Unique Small Rock Garden Ideas

As explained before, you can build small rock garden based on your will. But if you are confused to make a small rock garden, here some small rock gardens ideas that may become your recommendation:

·    Small Rock Garden in a Bowl
Do you have short and low pot in your garden? It will become a good media to make a small rock garden. You just need to mix soil, rocks and plants. Then, your small rock garden is ready to maintain. You just need low maintain because it is just a small rock garden. You can also put it in the outdoor or indoor, because it is so easy to move.
·    Wooden Box Small Rock Garden
For you who don’t have pot which is like a bowl, you can use wooden box as a media for making a small rock garden. It looks so rustic but elegant. Mix the small rocks with plants you like. When the flowers are blooming, this small rock garden will look so beautiful.
·    Under stairs Small Rock Garden
It is for you who have outdoor stair. You definitely have space under stairs, and you can use it as the media for making a small rock garden. Mix the rocks in various sizes with various types of plants. Plants which have beautiful flower will match so well in this rock garden.

Those are some information for you about small rock garden ideas. You can use the information above to get a unique small rock garden. Hopefully the information above will be useful for you.

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