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The Mixture of Raised Bed Gardening Soil

The mixtures of raised bed gardening soil are various. The best soil mixture for raised beds is different. It depends on the condition of the garden and the plants we want to grow. It is not that easy to make raise bed garden, but it is worth trying. The result will be pleasing: our garden will be interesting and beautiful. We will see beautiful plants before our eyes every day. Before making raised bed garden, take a look at the facts of mixtures of soil for raised beds below.

The Mixture of Raised Bed Gardening Soil

Important facts about raised bed gardening soil:
  • Different plants need different level of soil pH.
  • Experts say that all-purpose raised bed soil mixtures can be fifty percent of selected topsoil and fifty percent o high-quality compost.
  • All of the mixture should be mixed well and not be layered.
  • Some experts say that raised bed soil mixtures should be one third of harsh horticultural vermiculite, one third of blended compost, and one third of moss.
  • All of compost in the mixtures should provide nutrients and fertilizers that are needed by plants.
  • Every mixture needs only six inches deep.
  • The bottom can be lined by card boards that can prevent roots of the plants free from your native soil.
  • The mixture is considered qualified if we can sink our forefinger into the garden soil and we find that the soil soft, airy, and friable.
  • The taller raised bed is very expensive and it is very hard to handle for sure. It also needs strong cross braces to prevent the sides from curving. It can happen because of the pressure of the heavy soil mixture inside. 

Knowing those facts is beneficial, right? Do you have any idea of ideas to make raised bed garden? If no, you will probably need the ideas below.

Important things to know before installing a raised bed in your garden:
1. The plants to grow
2. The location of the raised beds to put.
3. The size of the raised beds.
4. The height of the raised beds.
5. The glass to cover the raised beds (it is optional), it will become like a green house.
6. The plan in order to have the best raised beds.

Now take a look at the idea of making a square foot raised bed below. It is one of the easiest ways. We can plant cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, cayenne peppers, beans, and peas there.
How to make a soil mixture for a square foot raised bed to be used in our garden:
  1. What we need a pail of peat moss, two bags of top soil, a layer of chopped leaves or grass with two inch height, and a bag of cow manure compost.
  2. How to do is easy, just mix all material well. Then, water is thoroughly and spread it with organic fertilizers. Don’t forget to use organic herbicides to get rid of the weeds. 

Now you know important things about making raised garden including how to make soil mixture for it. Hopefully this article about raised bed gardening soil will broaden your knowledge.

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