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Kinds of Flowers for Pots in Tiny Sizes

Some flower types can grow well inside tiny pots and to make larger display, you can put the containers in group. Clay, ceramics, or plastic pot types can be chosen as the container. The small containers must dry out faster, so it needs to be watered frequently. Make sure the pots have drainage holes so the excess water can go out from the bottom. To plant the right flowers for the small containers, some options of flowers for pots below can be great choices.   

Kinds of Flowers for Pots in Tiny Sizes

Pot Marigold (Calendula officinalis)

Pot Marigold flowers look like daisy that bloom in a lot of yellow shades, peach or orange. You may see brown centers in some varieties of the flower. Early spring to autumn is the best period of the blooming flowers nestled in thick foliage. Besides the beautiful flowers, you also can enjoy the plant by using the flower petals for foods flavoring.

Wax Begonia (Begonia x Semperflorens-cultorum)

In small pots, Wax Begonia will form a dense low flowers mound. It loves a spot with least partial sun, so it will grow best indoor near a sunny window. The flower shades are pink, red, white or peach and will bloom perfectly in summer and spring. To keep the plant grow well, avoid spraying water on the leaves and keep it healthy by adding some fertilizer regularly.

New Guinea Impatiens (Impatiens New Guinea Hybrids)

This flower for pots has flowers shades in orange, red, white or pink on much green leaves. To grow the flowers perfectly, you should prepare a spot with cool temperature and partial shade. It is simple to grow the plants because it also could grow from the stem cuttings.

Dwarf Morning Glory (Convolvulus tricolor)

This flowers have the shades of red, white, blue or even in multicolor. By placing it in a sunny window, the flowers will bloom constantly. In a container, it just can grow in small size even though it grows up to 3 feet tall on the ground. The new plant growing can be planted from the stem cuttings.

Amaryllis (Hippeastrum)

The flowers of amaryllis can grow up to 6 inches wide and the blooms will spread in winter. Based on the A. A. DeHertogh of North Carolina State University, there will be three bulbs over the pot rim if you plant one bulb in a pot with 6 inch of diameter. The shades of the flowers are pink, red, orange or white. Place the plant in a 70 degree Fahrenheit room with bright light so the flowers for pots can bloom perfectly. Add some slow release fertilizer whenever the plant has sprouted.   

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