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How to Make a Patio Vegetable Garden

To have a patio vegetable garden is great. The reason why it is great because the patio function as a place where we plant edible plantation and also as a place where we can get together with friends and other family members outside the house. We can imagine the fresh air we get in the patio, not to mention if it is added by fresh edible plantation. The patio will look really beautiful. Those who love vegetables and vegetarians will be very happy about this idea. They even can cook in the patio and grab vegetables to cook for all participants. If you live in an apartment you still can grow vegetables in their small patio because there are containers to use to plant vegetables. Are you thinking to have a patio vegetable garden for yourself? Take a look at the ideas below.

How to Make a Patio Vegetable Garden

How to Make a Patio Vegetable Garden

How to Make a Patio Vegetable Garden

Ideas to turn your patio into vegetable garden:
  1. Consider a container garden. Growing vegetables in container is popular now. We can use old crates, old containers, and plastic bags. Organize the containers well to make the patio more beautiful and colorful.
  2. Consider a vertical garden. This is where you plant vegetables in a long vertical pallet. You can put the long vertical pallet along the patio. It is beautiful and seems to save place too.
  3. Consider using carts with wheels to store containers where we plant vegetables. Organize those carts in the patio interestingly. Carts also useful if the patio doesn’t have enough sunlight. When the sun is shining so you can move the carts and let the vegetable plants get the sunlight.
  4. Consider a free standing pallet with ready boxes where we can plant our favorite vegetables. If your patio has enough sunlight it is a good idea. It can look so neat and organized. It will save the room as well. So every time you want to have meals in the garden you can arrange seats there easily.
  5. Consider galvanized pots to plant your favorite vegetables. Buy galvanized pots in different size and plant your favorite vegetables there. Then organize the pots in such away to make your patio have a good look. 

What do you think? Do you have your own plan of how you make a patio garden yourself? Great! How about the vegetables that we can grow in our patio? Take a look at the ideas below.

Examples of vegetables to grow in our patio:
1.             Beans
2.             Tomatoes
3.             Cayenne peppers
4.             Leafy greens
5.             Peas

Having a garden full of our favorite vegetables in our patio will surely be pleasing. We just have to take care of the plants especially when it comes to changing weathers. Learn about the vegetable plants you want to grow, especially about their tolerance to the sun light and cold. It is hoped that the article about patio vegetable garden can give you ideas to turn your patio into a garden with your favorite vegetables.

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