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How to Make DIY Galvanized Metal Garden Edging

Metal garden edging can become effective separation between lawns or other planting areas and the pathways. The edging will prevent the plants and grass that overgrow the boundaries so the pathways will be weed free the garden edging can be made by yourself. Choose the right length that fits your garden. It will become a long term investment that is easy to install. The galvanized edging is more resistance to weather because of the zinc coating. That is why it becomes a better metal edging choice for your garden.  

Before making the project, you should prepare some things such as the design, dowel rods, galvanized metal garden edging, white garden twine, support stakes, shovel, hacksaw, and also hammer.

DIY Galvanized Metal Garden Edging

Before purchasing the galvanized garden edging, you should firstly plan, measure and then mark the border’s finished shape with the garden twine. Then dig one inch deeper and wider trench than the edging width. Connect every piece of the edging by firstly laying the strips to the ground. Make the notches overlaps the metal.
By using a skill saw, hacksaw or metal break, cut every piece and then make the sections that fill the spaces snugly shorter than the galvanized metal’s pre cut sections. On the longer sections, attach the pieces that have been shortened by notches overlapping in the metal. Next, place the garden edging in trench. If the garden edgings come with support stakes, push the stakes to the ground so the edging bottom is flush to the trench bottom when the edging form is placed.  

If the edging doesn’t have stakes, pound your own stakes through the notches to ground by using a mallet or hammer on the edging’s planting side. The stakes will be so functional to keep the position of the edging.

Install the weed that is made from plastic or other materials between the planting area and the edging to make extra preventative for the weed. Next, fill back the area around the edging by using the soil. Press the soil on the two sides of the subterranean edging firmly. Don’t worry if the soil look too loose. Over the time, the soil will settle so the metal garden edging will stick up to the ground.
When you have installed the garden edging, you will make sure that the plants from the planting area will not grow outside and closing the pathway. It will create a tidier garden and pathways surround the planting area.

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