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How to Growing Vegetables in Pots

How to Growing Vegetables in Pots ?

Growing vegetables in pots is an easy idea to have the freshness and good taste vegetables grown in your own home. Actually, most vegetables can grow well inside containers including small pots. You can have your own home vegetable garden by choosing the right plants and grow plenty amounts of vegetables daily in just some pots.  

Choose the Right Spot and Container

Most vegetable types can grow well in containers that get full sunlight or at least 6 hours per day. Make sure the vegetables garden spot gets sufficient air circulation to prevent diseases especially in tomatoes, peppers, or other veggies. In the area with cold climate, place the vegetable containers close to the south facing wall. Whilst in the warmer area, avoid too warm spots like on a cement patio because the vegetables could grow less optimum. As the solution, put your large pots on carts or dollies so they are movable to other spots with best condition.

How to Growing Vegetables in Pots

You can choose any material for the container. But if you choose clay pots, the natural porous containers many need more attention about the watering. In warm area, avoid dark colored containers for growing vegetables in pots because it could absorb more warmth especially in hot summer. Besides, treated wood containers may be also not so good option for the chemical compounds contained that influences the vegetables growth. Use potting mixes that are specially made for containers as the best growing media for the potted veggies. Make the perfect mix from potting soil, peat moss, and perlite, clean sand or vermiculite in equal parts.     

How to Plant the Veggies in Pots

You can choose to start planting from the seeds or starter plants. No matter what to choose as starter, water the pots first before planting. Make sure the potting mix soaked completely and let the excess water drained in some hours. If you start planting from the seeds, read the planting directions of growing vegetables in pots on the package. You need to plant more seeds because not all of them germinate. Later, you can thin the excess growing seeds.

If you choose transplants, set them in the same level of the previous growing pot. If you plant tomatoes, you need to plant it deeper inside the containers because it can strip the lower leaves off. Water the vegetables gently after you plant them in the pots so they can settle. Mulch the soil with compost, straw, leaf mold, etc. to prevent too fast drying soil in the vegetable pot garden.  

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