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How to Grow Vegetables Indoors and Make It a Garden

It must be great to grow some vegetables at home. You can have more nutritious meals every day without gaining the grocery bills. It will be much more interesting when you can grow vegetables indoors inside the containers. It is a perfect solution for those with limited land to grow veggies on the ground. There are kinds of vegetables that can grow well indoor, including tomatoes, lettuces, green beans, potatoes, radishes, and also carrots.

No matter how small the space for vegetable garden is, you can make it by growing the plants in containers; even just on the small windowsill of your kitchen. Otherwise, you can make a bigger veggie garden if you have a large patio or sun room that can load bigger containers to grow bigger veggies.

Grow Vegetables Indoors

The Need of Light

The needs of the vegetables of direct sunlight should be the first concern. Every vegetable type may have the same shade of root crops and leaf. But insufficient light will make certain vegetables do not grow the fruits. Plants that grow fruits usually need at least five hours of direct sunlight in each day. If the plants get 8-10 hours, then they will grow much better. Place the vegetable containers facing the south to get most light. You can add reflective things to improve the light such as mirror, white walls, or aluminum. For vegetables that should grow fruits like tomatoes, you can install fluorescent light fixtures so it gets more light supplements.    

Manage the Temperature

Managing the room temperature is also important to do to prevent the vegetables dried especially in winter; the driest season. To keep the humidity, you can plant the vegetables in larger containers, spraying the plants with water mists or running a humidifier. Gaining the humidity can also be done by sitting the container on the top of a tray containing 1-2 inches of pebbles.

Start Growing Vegetables Indoor  

Grow vegetables indoors will be easier if you choose appropriate draining container size, great quality potting soil or draining compost and starter plants or seeds. To plant in a large container, fill the soil first before the plant so it shouldn’t hold too heavy load. The best container to choose is those with 6-8 inches of depth. Choose pots that are storing enough to hold mature plants and also the upright remained. Fill the containers with soil and then plant the seeds in the right depth. It needs thorough and gentle watering so there is no remaining air pocket. If you use starter plants, place the root ball into the soil and give a little pressing and cover the root ball with more soil until it is full. Around the base of the plant, tamp the potting soil gently and then water in some sprinkles.  

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