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How to Create Cheap Garden Pots and Planters

How to Create Cheap Garden Pots and Planters - Cheap garden pots are variously available in the gardening stores. We also can create garden pots by ourselves by recycling other things, such as plastic bottles, crates, pails, even shoes. If we want to buy them you need to have guidance because it looks easy to find garden pots but we don’t want to buy the garden pots all the time. We want something strong that can deal with weathers, pests, animal, etc. Take a look at the guidance below.

Cheap Garden Pots and Planters

Cheap Garden Pots and Planters

Cheap Garden Pots and Planters

Cheap Garden Pots and Planters

Things to know before buying cheap garden pots:
  • How much money you want to spend for garden pots. The word cheap is so relative. Make sure you buy the one that you can afford for sure.
  • Make sure you know the quality of the garden pots you want to buy. Ask yourselves questions: Is it for a life time? Is it for a short time? Do you want to consider it as investment? And then the choice is yours.
  • Materials of the garden pots.
  • Consider planter for those who don’t have enough time. 

If you want to use your creativity to make your own pots or planters by using old unused things in your house, that will be also a good idea. Pay attention to the ideas below.

Creating garden pots and planters:
  1. Buy cheap garden pots and paint them with colorful paints available in your store room. Use other any interesting things to decorate your garden pots, such as beads, small rocks, buttons, etc. Attach them is such away to make the pots interesting.
  2. Collect empty jars in your kitchen and then classify them according to their size. And plat your seeds of vegetables there. Later if they get bigger, you can move them to other pots.
  3. Collect cans and classify them according to their size. If you don’t like the picture on the can, you can always paint them all with the same colors or different colors. The choice is yours.
  4. Reuse broken garden pots. Use special glue to mend them or create a new pot. Use your imagination and creativity.
  5. Collect unused bowls, pans and teacups from your kitchen and turn them into beautiful garden pots. Old shoes are good ideas as well.
  6. Find old tires from your garage and turn them into big beautiful garden pots.
What do you think? Actually there are many ways to have garden pots and planters, right? All you have to do is use your creativity and imagination. Are you ready to search your house and make your own garden pots? Get inspired from this cheap garden pots article by

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