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Garden Tools List for Beginners

There are many things that you can do to utilize your lawn. One of the best ways to use your lawn is by creating a garden on your lawn. Gardening not only allows you to use your spare time in more productive way but also will allow you to get better benefits from your lawn as well. If you love gardening, there are several types of tool that you need to use. You can use garden tools list to help you find the right tools when you shop for garden tools. It’s very important for you to know which tools that you need for gardening. You also need to know the function of each garden tool as well so that you can use these tools properly. When buying garden tools, you also need to consider the price of the tools that you’re going to buy as well and how many tools that you need to buy.

Garden Tools List for Beginners

Use Gloves to Protect Your Hand

Among various types of garden tools, gloves might be the most essential tool that you need. Most gardeners will put gloves on their garden tools list since they need gloves to protect their hand from sand and dirt. Besides protecting your hands from sand and dirt that can make your hands dirty, gloves also can protect your hands from splinter that might hurt your skin as well. There are various types of gardening gloves that you can find on the market these days. These gardening gloves came in various choices of size and design. The materials that are commonly used on gardening gloves may vary as well. If you want to protect your hands properly, you might need to use gardening gloves that are made of waterproof material. You also need to use gardening gloves when you work with pesticides or herbicides so that your hand will be protected from harmful chemical.    

Hand Trowel and Spade

Other common garden tool that you might need is hand trowel. Hand trowel is used to take out the weeds and dig around the corners. You also a use hand trowel to plant herbs as well. If you want to get hand trowel with good durability, you can choose hand trowel that came with stainless steel head. Besides hand trowel, other tool that you need to put on your garden tools list is spade. You need spade to dig the hole for plants and move small amount of dirt from one spot to another. Spade might be a little bit pricey but it has good durability and can last long.     

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