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Creating Your Own Personalized Garden Stones at Home

Personalized garden stones can be the important necessary at your private yard. This stone will be the additional item for your landscaping decor. It can also represent the self expression of yours. You need to know that there many ways you can follow to create garden pathways by using this stone. Making this DIY stone can be the fun project for you and kids at home. It will be the alternative way for you to bring and express your own ideas and personality.

Well, you can try making these personalized garden stones with your families at home. In order to find those steps, you can keep reading below. Here are some steps to make them easily.

Personalized Garden Stones at Home

Step 1
In this first step, you will determine the place where you want to put the stones. You can select certain grass areas that can lead your path to the garden. However, you can still put down this decorative stone at any places you want as long as they can match your garden design.
Next, you need to purchase important items in this project. One of those items is the premixed concrete. You can buy a bag of them in the local store. This material will be used to create the stones structure. After that, if you have any design plan in your mind, you can print out it on the paper. So, you can be able to follow its pattern.

Step 2

After having your design plan, you can continue by creating the form of your stones. You can use the plastic dishpan simply. You can also lubricate the oil with the nonstick spray. It can help you to remove the concrete from the plastic former.

Now, you have to mix the concrete as well. You can ask someone’s help especially from somebody who has best experience on it. Then, you can fill the container as you can. Don’t forget to level off the concrete by using the stick to create the mold top design.
You can wait for 30 minutes for this step and continue press your own hand design on it. You will need the paint brush to write down the name or date. You can add the marbles, natural rocks, garden stones, or the sea glass to beautify the stone.

Last, you can let in under the sun bathing for 2 till 3 days. It will ensure that the mold stones will not be cracked. Finally, those are all easy ways to create DIY personalized garden stones.

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