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4 Materials You Can Use to Make Cheap Raised Beds

The cost to build raise garden beds is usually high. But if you are creative, it is not impossible to build cheap raised beds. Choosing the right materials is the ultimate key in making affordable garden beds. But you have to be careful. Cheap doesn’t mean choosing low quality materials and it doesn’t equal ugly. You must choose materials that can help the plants to grow. You also must pay attention to the garden’s aesthetic, so don’t forget to pick something pretty. Here are some of the best materials that you can use to make cheap raised garden beds.

Old Tires

Cheap Raised Beds

Don’t get rid of your old tires just yet because you can use it to make attractive raised beds. Using old tire for your garden bed can save you so much money since it is free. Even if you need to buy it, it won’t cost you much. You only need to cut one side of the tire to make it looks like a giant bowl. Before loading the soil into the tire, put several layers of gardening fabric on the bottom to prevent weeds contaminating the soil. If you think black is not your color, you can paint the tire with your favorite cheerful colors.

Concrete Bricks

Cheap Raised Beds

Concrete can be an excellent material for cheap raised beds. Furthermore, concrete is able to capture and store warmth. Therefore, it is the best material to use in cold areas. It is also perfect to plant some flowers and herbs that need some warmth to grow. Concrete bricks are also very unique because you can plant some herbs and small vegetables in the concrete holes.

Wooden Planks

Cheap Raised Beds

Wooden plank is classic and it is the most common materials used to make raised garden bed. This is very cheap and you can recycle it from your old furniture or fences. If you want your garden to have natural look, this is the material you should use. However, if you want something permanent, plank is not the one for you because wood will naturally rot over time.

Stock Tanks

Cheap Raised Beds

Stock tank is definitely the most expensive in this list. Even though it is not as cheap as the others, it is very easy to use. You don’t have to build it from scratch and you only need to do some adjustments for the irrigation system. With silver color and dynamic shape, your garden will look very futuristic. You can make a modern garden if you use stock tanks cheap raised beds.

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