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Choosing Best Wood for Raised Beds

People are able to find some options for the raised bed. It is true that people can choose the plastic raised bed which is cheaper, durable, and flexible. However, many people make their choice for wooden raised beds because of various reasons. It can be about the nice natural look which can be brought into the garden but it can also be about the fact that wood is stronger to weather exposure as long as people can choose the right wooden material. That is why people have to find the best wood for raised beds. There are some wood options with pros and cons for raised bed.

Choosing Best Wood for Raised Beds


Many people love this material for raised bed because it comes with the appearance which is smooth, elegant, and also beautiful. The paint or stain can be taken easily and the lifespan of the wood is fairly long. It is also free from chemical and more importantly people can buy the sustainability grown cedar. However, people have to worry about the sourcing of the cedar which is often untraceable. Much of the cedar which can be found in the local market is imported.


The next option of best wood for raised beds is juniper. It is chosen because it has the lifespan which is very long. If people want to have garden with modern look, this wood can be the best choice. It is not expensive and it is also free from chemical. Juniper is recommended for the raised bed. It comes with rustic look which is loved by some people but there can be other people who do not think that its rustic look is appealing. Compared to other species, this wood is more prone to the movement.


People can find the attractive look in the garden with redwood raised bed. There is no doubt about it because this wood comes with beautiful color. The appearance of the wood is also elegant so many people consider it as the best wood for raised beds. The lifespan of the wood is fairly long and it is also free from the chemical ingredients. Unfortunately, for bringing the redwood raised bed in their garden, people have to spend a lot of money since its price can be pretty expensive compared to other wood species. If people are looking for the raised bed material which is more inexpensive, they can consider the pressure treated wood or reclaimed wood. However, they have to be more aware about its chemical contents.

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